A trip to NYC

nycI’ve just got back from a trip to New York to celebrate my 30th.  It was my first visit to the city, having always saved it as a destination for a special occasion, and I was intrigued as to whether I would love it.  As somewhere that’s so established in pop culture – from Sex and the City to Friends to Mad Men – I felt like I sort of already knew the place before I’d even arrived.

We’d booked to stay in an Air BnB flat in Greenwich Village because I wanted to experience the city as a New Yorker rather than a tourist and I was curious as to whether I’d leave wanting to move to New York.  I loved Greenwich Village with it’s beautiful townhouses, tree-lined streets, trendy bars and restaurants, authentic pubs, hipster cafes and laid-back vibe.  But I was surprised at how aggressive I found the rest of the city – it felt like a huge sprawling urban metropolis that made me feel insignificant.  And I found New Yorkers to be hardened to the city’s roughness.

It made me think about the concept of cities each having their own personality and character traits.  Whilst I’d describe New York as aggressive, I’d describe London as impatient but courteous, Singapore as a reliable old friend, Hong Kong as frenetic, Dubai as a flashy car salesman, Melbourne as a corporate hipster, and Sydney as a good-looking surfer dude.  After visiting these seven cities, and living in three of them, I’d say Melbourne is the place I came away from feeling most like I’d like to live there.

Have you been to New York?  How did you find it?  Of the places you’ve visited, which have you found most liveable?



I’ve been daydreaming about getting away from it all at my desk today.

Here’s a selection of my favourite places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. If I squint hard enough I can just about imagine myself back there!

What’s your favourite travel destination?

First ever post!

Hello and welcome to anyone who has stumbled across my blog! I decided to start this blog after being inspired by my favourite bloggers whose posts keep me entertained and informed and who have weirdly come to feel like old friends (despite never having met or spoken to the authors!). The intention is for this to be a lifestyle blog with elements of travel, fashion, food and general day-to-day happenings.

A bit about me: I’m a twenty-something Brit living in Singapore. Originally from Cheshire, England, I’ve lived in China, Dubai and London and moved to Singapore in October 2013. The past year and a half has flown by – I love living in Singapore and the opportunities it affords to travel, experience different cultures and meet new and interesting people.

Having previously lived in China, I seemed to miss out the culture shock that some people experience when they first move to Singapore. For me, it was the best parts of China with all my home comforts added, no language barrier and sunshine most days. What’s not to like?! Oh, apart from the fact that I arrived during the rainy season, when you could pretty much set your clock by the daily afternoon showers. Even then, the rain wasn’t the cold drizzle that I was used to in London and I still love watching a tropical thunderstorm (as long as I’m undercover!), knowing that after the short shower comes the sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures.

Anyway, I digress… I’m currently writing this at my desk at work so better wrap things up.

Until next time!