Turning 30

30Last month I turned 30 and decided I would take a mammoth trip to lessen the blow of what felt, to me, like the end of an era.  I’ll post some pictures of my trip in my next post.

Somehow 30 feels so much more grown-up than 29.  I felt like my 20s were all about having fun – travelling the world and experiencing new things with little responsibility or thought for the future.  Whereas I feel like your 30s are the time when you become a ‘proper’ grown-up: it’s the era where it all starts to become a bit serious with marriage, a mortgage and starting a family.  But at the same time, so many people I’ve spoken to/read about describe their 30s as being much better than their 20s – they describe feeling more contented in their career, relationship and overall sense of self.  So I’m looking forward to the next adventure: 30s – bring it on!

Are you over 30?  How did you find entering the next decade?  Or are you approaching 30 – if so, how are you feeling?


Things I love

In no particular order:

  • Long lunches with friends and wine
  • Shopping on Regent Street
  • Fancy candles
  • Binge-watching a good box set. Favourites include Game of Thrones, Homeland and Last Tango in Halifax.
  • Artisanal coffee
  • Nights in with scented candles, red wine and a good box set (see above)
  • Country walks (especially with a dog) followed by a pub with a log fire
  • Bellinis
  • Long baths with bubbles (scented, in a flute or both!)
  • Cups of tea and the Sunday papers in bed
  • Playing tennis
  • Animals
  • Reading
  • Vintage cake stands
  • Gift shops
  • Travelling
  • Cocktails by the sea and lunches at my sunlounger
  • Grandparents (not just mine)
  • Christmas morning
  • A tidy house

Things I dislike:

  • Rudeness
  • Bad punctuation
  • Cockroaches
  • Swearing
  • When people don’t use a separate spoon for the jam (can be substituted for any condiment)
  • Bad table manners (see above)

First ever post!

Hello and welcome to anyone who has stumbled across my blog! I decided to start this blog after being inspired by my favourite bloggers whose posts keep me entertained and informed and who have weirdly come to feel like old friends (despite never having met or spoken to the authors!). The intention is for this to be a lifestyle blog with elements of travel, fashion, food and general day-to-day happenings.

A bit about me: I’m a twenty-something Brit living in Singapore. Originally from Cheshire, England, I’ve lived in China, Dubai and London and moved to Singapore in October 2013. The past year and a half has flown by – I love living in Singapore and the opportunities it affords to travel, experience different cultures and meet new and interesting people.

Having previously lived in China, I seemed to miss out the culture shock that some people experience when they first move to Singapore. For me, it was the best parts of China with all my home comforts added, no language barrier and sunshine most days. What’s not to like?! Oh, apart from the fact that I arrived during the rainy season, when you could pretty much set your clock by the daily afternoon showers. Even then, the rain wasn’t the cold drizzle that I was used to in London and I still love watching a tropical thunderstorm (as long as I’m undercover!), knowing that after the short shower comes the sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures.

Anyway, I digress… I’m currently writing this at my desk at work so better wrap things up.

Until next time!