Dubai’s expats

I had to share these tongue-in-cheek images, published in the Daily Mail, that made me laugh last week! Dubai-based expat designer Clare Napper has created a series of posters poking fun at Western expats living in Dubai.

I’d love to be all high and mighty and say that these are merely contributing to the unfair stereotype of Dubai, but I have to say that a lot of these pictures rang true to some of my experience of living there!

Ravi’s has become a bit of an institution in Dubai – it’s a Pakistani restaurant that serves cheap and delicious food to everyone from cabbies to Western expats. Visa runs, jaunts to Barracuda in Umm Al Quwain for cheap booze and trips to Musandam, RAK and Fujairah are also spot on, as is the fact that pretty much every restaurant in Dubai delivers. As a treat, if I knew I was going home to an empty flat, I’d strategically time a call to Wagamama on my way home from work so that my Yaki Udon and I would arrive at my front door at the same time!

I miss Dubai!

In_a_gentle_mockery_of_ex_pat_living_this_image_depicts_a_scruff-a-12_1425572829066 From_excursions_to_Ras_Al_Khaimah_and_Fujairah_to_having_to_rene-a-3_1425572590933 2659598500000578-2981253-image-a-10_1425572806423 265958F800000578-2981253-image-a-9_1425572795832 265957FA00000578-2981253-image-a-8_1425572695176 265957BE00000578-2981253-image-a-7_1425572684950 2659563E00000578-2981253-With_temperatures_of_up_to_40C_in_summer_activities_such_as_play-a-6_1425572638720 265959B000000578-2981253-image-a-5_1425572624507 2659583200000578-2981253-image-a-4_1425572612660 2659594300000578-0-image-a-52_1425569091365 265958B000000578-0-image-a-51_142556907824226595A2E00000578-2981253-image-a-11_1425572817839


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